Get an Ed-Drewcation

Going the Distance is finally released in US & Canadian theaters today! To help celebrate, we’re rolling out another part to our ever-growing About Drew section of the site. We are thrilled to crack the seal on Drew Details, which houses tons of trivia about Miss Barrymore! Our goal is to bring the most unique and interesting facts to our visitors. We were hugely inspired by the “Kooky Facts” that some of you may remember from Missy Munday’s former Drew fan sites, so a big thanks to her for once again kick-starting some of our ideas. This is just the tiniest tip of the information iceberg, so stay tuned for even more in the near future!

2 Comments on “Get an Ed-Drewcation”

  1. this is insane!!! I don’t know where you get all this crazy information! Very cool though!

  2. This is EXACTLY the sort of thing I LOVE to read! Oh my goodness, all those adorable facts about animals, cuddly toys and pet names!

    LOVE that Sam introduced Drew and Justin!

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