Photo Phenomenon

Believe it or not, we have yet another batch of Drew Barrymore photographs to share with you today! Included are press photos for some films (including a rad & rare one for the Boys of the Side soundtrack!), as well as some candids and photo shoot pictures.

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  1. So green with envy over the 1990 news wire photos. I just LOVE them!!! Also the BOTS soundtrack photo is totally cool!! Great additions :)

  2. I’m pretty sure the redheaded girl is Melissa Gilbert? in the 8×10 with Corey and the unidentified male, hmm.

    Fantastic great additions as always! Ps isn’t it spelt phenemenon?

  3. Katie – It does resemble her, but I don’t believe it is. She’s 11 years older than Drew and it really shows if you look at photos of her from around 1988 (which is when I think the photo of Drew & peeps was taken). I still can’t get over how much the other guy looks like George Eads ;)

  4. wow, I didn’t think Melissa was that much older but that makes sense as the brat pack were older than drew, hence her dancing with emilio, swoon. Not that Melissa was part of the brat pack but she and rob lowe did go steady for a while, with casual dating for a couple of years.
    Everytime I see that photo, I keep thinking it’s him too, haha!

  5. The cool thing is that you inspired me to track down more info on the photo! I was able to find out what even it was based on Corey’s outfit & hair and searching other photos of him. It’s the Youth in Film awards in 1987 (Drew was nominated for Babes in Toyland, lol). Unfortunately there are very few pictures from it and I still didn’t find the two mystery people!

  6. would wire images/getty have any of the event that you could browse? hooray for pinning down the event!!

  7. wow, i love those ’90 press photos of drew! so cool!

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