A Star is Born

We’ve got a wonderful way to kick off your weekend Drewbies! We’ve finally begun the long-promised Drew Barrymore biography for the site. We were very inspired by the excellent biography our pal Riikka has put together for rose-mcgowan.com & decided to utilize a similar chapter format. What better place to start than at the beginning? Enjoy reading the first chapter which spans the first 5 years of Drew’s life.

Also, we got a neat little mention on Twitter today from a London jewelry boutique! It made us so happy that we added a page about it to the site recognition. Thanks Tatty Devine!

2 Comments on “A Star is Born”

  1. Tatty Devine did an exclusive necklace specially for Whip It. A rollerskate pendant with the film title on it! have been entering all the competitions I could find to won it for you, but no luck yet. Fantastic that they mentioned you as well as it being a Follow Friday!

  2. Love the biography so far! Congrats on getting mentioned too!

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