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Not only are we working behind the scenes to streamline the gallery format for all of our collection images, but we’ve also recently acquired a gigantic amount of Drew Barrymore goodies from former collector & friend of the site Desiree. We’ll be adding bits & pieces over the next few weeks!

The first batch is ready to share – check out gobs of rare 8×10 press photos for Drew’s films including E.T., Conspiracy of Love, Far From Home, & more! We also included a neat one for 15 and Getting Straight that we purchased directly from the Chicago Tribune’s archives.

Helpful hint: if you ever are curious what the latest additions to the site are, be sure to take a looksie at the sidebar to your right where the latest 10 are displayed!

3 Comments on “Photo Album”

    I LOVE the adorable photos of Drew and Steven on set! They are amazing.

    Also, wow look at that cast for See You In the Morning, Drew, Mac and Lukas! :D

  2. Katie,

    Isn’t that picture just so sweet?? Drew has it framed in her office, as you can see here

  3. Lovely new additions! :)

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