Guess What?

All Drew Barrymore collectors are very familiar with the much sought-after Guess catalog from 1993 called “Salton Sea”. Printed on oversized and thick paper, it’s made up of 34 pages of Drew modeling for the jeans company, with tons of outtakes that never made it to magazine ads! We’ve each had a copy for awhile now, but we never had the entire contents of the catalog on the site until now. While we were at it, we also photographed all of the Drew pages in the following year’s “Guess Journal”! Go soak up their beauty!

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  1. Yah! I have always wanted to see the entire book!!!

  2. wow wow wow, I’m so glad you BOTH have a copy now! When did Anne get hers? This is marvellous!

    Am going to check this out after work. All the recent updates is making me itchy to work on my website!

  3. Wow, it’s interesting that your two versions have a slightly different layout here and there! Who’s the hottie male model with her? I loooove the carousel pictures with Drew the most, wow.

  4. It is one of the most sacred pieces. Wonderful! In your post you stated you both didnt have a full copy? Were pages missing from them.

  5. Sorry to be confusing, I meant that we’d been too lazy in the past to photograph the entire thing! Haha! Even though it seems we all have a copy these days, we still wanted to finally put all the photos up on the site.

    Anne got her copy a few months ago from a former collector who contacted us through the site. She got it for a steal!

    And the male model in the ads is Werner Schreyer.

  6. Also Jeremy, how many of these do you think are out there? I compiled a list once of all the copies I knew of, and there were probably about 10. I would guess at least 100 were printed though. I contacted Guess once about it but never got a reply.

  7. I have wondered about that. I know that only a hand full of us have a copy. I have only seen maybe about 3 or 4 for sale between ebay and us collectors. They probably printed enough of these to distribute to retailers, but then they discard them right after. I got my copy from Australia. I always think about contacting guess to find out where and when which magazine they printed all the ads in. They must have a record of something like this

  8. Here are the ones I know of, off the top of my head:

    01. mine (came from Anita)
    02. Anne’s (came from former collector Stacie)
    03. Jeremy’s
    04. Kent’s
    05. Missy’s
    06. Brian’s
    07. Holly’s
    08. Chris’s
    09. Desiree’s (not sure if someone bought this)
    10. Venus’s former copy (not sure who sold to)
    11. Rob’s former copy (not sure who sold to)

  9. You are amazing :-) what a fantastic organized list! What ever happened with Brian? He is the one with the sunglasses poster right? I wish he was online with us. There was one for sale on, remember he was selling it and donating to charity.

  10. wow, that’s amazing that you have a list of 11 copies that you know of. I hope Guess gets back to you one day with more information!

  11. BTW, that cotton candy picture is to die for!!!!

  12. Don’t know if this comment will even be seen, but I just stumbled across these other comments and noticed I was mentioned. I am still lurking around online these days, just haven’t been active in any Drew related communities lately. I’ve certainly scaled back on collecting all things Drew, as my income these days must go towards bills and all that fun stuff, but I’m definitely still a fan, and still pick up things like magazines featuring Drew nowadays. I’ve contemplated selling off my collection at times, but still have everything I once did…if the urge ever manifests, there will certainly becollection donations made to these girls running this site. I, like many other people it seems, couldn’t imagine better people than Ash and Anne to inherit my stuff. Although at this point in time, I’m not sure there’s much unique stuff of mine that these two don’t already own. The only really unique piece of my collection I can think of would be that double-sided Guess sunglasses poster…and you two already own at least an ad version of the shot. haha. Anyway, if you guys read this, I hope all is well, and keep up the great work here!

    • Hi Brian! So nice of you to leave a comment here, you are always so well thought of by Anne & I, not only as a collector but as a friend! We were wondering if you were still in the collecting game :) Thanks again for saying hi!

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