Ad-dicted to Drew

We just put up gobs of ads for Drew Barrymore’s movies, ranging over 15 years and from countries all over the world! Included are FOUR new ones for Drewseum-fave film Mad Love!

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  1. woweee, so many great additions in one update!

    I never realised the UK version of the Scream Drew cover was flipped/mirrored compared to the US! I think I probably prefer the black foreboding shadowy US one but the white one is really so striking and blown out, plus it’s the one I know, so it’s interesting to see them both alongside each other. With the other film ads, it’s interesting to see how some countries make use of the same artwork!

  2. Thanks so much Katie! I actually believe that the US version is flipped. I did some comparisons to shut up the idiots on IMDB who didn’t believe it was Drew’s face & I feel pretty confident that I know exactly what photo of Drew was used for the poster.

    I made this at work without the help of Photoshop, so it’s not great, but you can see the shadows & tiny bang hairs match up exactly:

  3. I love the new Donnie Darko one, so unique. Scream ads are the BEST!

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