Celebrate 1998!

We finally did it! We believe we have scanned in all of our Drew Barrymore magazines from 1998. There are more than 30 new additions, so go check them out.

With the 1998 magazine page, we are doing a test run on a new gallery format & would very much appreciate your feedback! We’ve been looking for a better thumbnail solution for awhile now & are both pretty happy with this method. This would be a huge change for the site and would take quite a long time to switch everything over. So tell us what you think & maybe we will start rolling it out to the rest of The Drewseum!

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  1. 2,4,6,’98,
    who do we appreciate?
    the many fans of drew
    seeking old and new,
    the drewseum is really ace,
    new mag layouts puts a smile on our face!

    I really like the way the new thumbnails have borders, makes them look really pretty. No problems and it all looks very clean and fresh!

  2. Oh ps, the l’enfant pic from Adorable looks very much like THAT candid with short hair/limo if you know the one I mean? Her short hair really suits Drew, but she looks fab in any hair style!

    Your earlier update really makes me want to watch Home Fries, it just looks very sweet.

    I think it would look fantastic across the site, using the new layout for thumbnails of your collection but if it’s too much work, you can just do future ones for the time being and then go back and edit older mag pages when you have some free time? Don’t want you two to spend too much time going back and editing, when you could be doing other things :) Just my two pence. :)

  3. ohhh! Looks like you got your first package from Desiree! I love all the new stuff you have added! I liked the other way you uploaded pictures. Not sure why. Just seemed cleaner and more organized to me. That’s just my opinion though! Whatever you two do is fabulous !

  4. Katie: Thanks for the feedback! You’re always so thorough with your responses. :) We appreciate the support!

    Misti: None of these items were actually from Desiree, believe it or not! Our magazines are nowhere near completely up for display on the site, and most of these items are pieces we’ve had for several years! Hehe.

    And thanks for the feedback on the new gallery. We actually feel that this new gallery style allows you to see more of the item before clicking unlike the tease of the old icons. And as far as the organization, it isn’t very different at all, just more efficient!

  5. i love the new layout, guys. very stylish & a lot easier, imo, to go through the magazines. awesome job. :)

  6. The 98 collection looks superb! I was looking at the womans day and made me think about the cruise vacation she took and jumped off the boat. Are these the pictures from that vacation?

  7. Jeremy – I think that was more like 95, as that’s when she talked about it on a talk show or two! I think Ashley has some kind of tabloid article that mentions it, but as far as I know there haven’t been any photos printed of that vacation. I could be wrong!

  8. Awesome additions to the site! I like the new layout. One thing I like about the other layout is that it was centered. Either way it looks good. :)

  9. wow. all this 1998 brings me back, i so vividly remember this era & all the Ever After promotion… i can’t believe that was over TEN YEARS AGO!!! makes me so nostalgic :p

    i dig this new layout… seems like it’d be easier for yall in a way but also easier for me … the “New!” tags make it a bit easier to scan through than the little blue borders, IMO.

    great work yall. i can tell that must’ve taken some time to scan in that load… it’s so nice to be able to come here & navigate through with all your revisions & revamps.

    high five!

  10. Wow everyone! Thank you so much for the feedback & all of your helpful opinions! We are working really hard behind the scenes, taking everything everyone said into account. Hopefully we’ll have some big changes soon without having to close the site for very long :) Stay tuned!

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