90s Girl

We’ve been burning up our scanners lately trying to plump up our Drew Barrymore magazine archives! Another huge batch of them from 1998 will be showing up here soon, but today we’ve added scans of 15 different magazines, from 1992 to 1997 and every year in between! As usual, look for the icons with the blue border to know what is new :)

4 Comments on “90s Girl”

  1. Very lovely additions!

  2. Great stuff to see! Drew has such a beautiful smile!

    Was looking at my Japanese magazines and the unknown one for the Scream cast in black photoshoot is Roadshow, the September 1998 issue!

  3. Loving the latest additions to your magazine section, especially Hit Krant ’92 & 10 20 ’93. The cover of Hollywood ’97 is neat as I hadn’t seen that photo used on a cover before. Looking forward to the 1998 additions. I’m also hoping the scanning will continue to burn into opening a new section in the near future. Keep up the great work ladies!!! :)

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