World Tour

Tonight we’re putting up some items from Drew Barrymore’s trips out of the country to promote her films released back in 1998. First we have 2 awesome photos taken of her at the Toronto Film Festival when she was there supporting Home Fries. We’ve also added her airline boarding pass from when she flew down under for the Australian release of The Wedding Singer earlier that year!

4 Comments on “World Tour”

  1. Wow, that boarding pass is an amazing one of a kind item to have! I bet she was in first class! :D

  2. Love that photo of Drew with the peace sign.
    How did you get that boarding pass? That’s amazing!!! :-)

  3. Misti – I got the boarding pass on ebay. The seller got a huge set of them used by many different celebrities from someone who worked for the airline. The year isn’t listed on the pass, so I did a bunch of research to determine when Drew was in Australia & determine its authenticity! :)

  4. Cool additions! :)

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