Smashing Smashley

Happy New Year Drewbies! To kick off 2010, we’re going all out with a huge update of Whip It memorabilia! Included are a slew of new movie ads, the official soundtrack, more trading cards, & a closet full of apparel! We think the most exciting additions are a pair skates worn in the film autographed by Ellen Page (which we won from the official Whip It site’s contest) and one of the tee shirts Drew Barrymore wore on screen as Smashley Simpson!

4 Comments on “Smashing Smashley”

  1. Excellent update! Very cool items – especially the shirt & skates!! Congrats! :D

  2. OMG! That’s the coolest bunch of Whip it! items. Great additions to your collection!

  3. love that shirt :) this movie is so great <3

  4. Wow, those Whip It items are fantastic, I can’t wait to see the new film in the Spring or whenever it is released over here! It looks like such a fun film.

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