It’s That Time Again!

Happy 4 years to us and our hobby hub! We’re so proud of this project although it’s a constant work in progress, and we want to thank the long-time and recent supporters for sticking with us! We hope to continue to be the web’s most unique Drew Barrymore fan site for many years to come. – Anne & Ashley

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  1. Anne and Ashley,

    Congratuations on 4 years! That’s wonderful. The Drewseum has been one of my favorite Drew sites for unique collectable items. Your collection has always been an inspiration to me. :-) My other most favorite part about your site is the layouts. You girls do the cutest stuff.

    Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!


  2. *squeal of delight* Oh this is wonderful! Congratulations for you two having this wonderful idea and bringing it to being! I adore visiting the site and seeing all your new additions and fabulous admiration for Drew! I agree with Misti above, your creativeness shines through in each post you make and your new anniversary graphic is no exception! You are a real inspiration to other site makers too!

    Here’s to the next four years!

  3. Congratuations! I love this site. amazing =)

  4. Congratulations!!! :D

  5. happy 4 years ash and anne!! SO very happy for both of you! i can’t believe it’s been that long! also, drew won tonight and so close to you guys’ anniversary! a sign maybe? haha.

  6. nothing gets a smile on my face faster than all the visuals yall include in this site. the creativity is limitless & the love that is projected here all makes this website the sweetest lil URL around. so very happy to see the 4th year upon us and so very excited to see it continue to grow.


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