Golden Girl

We at The Drewseum would just like to congratulate Drew Barrymore on her much deserved win at the Golden Globes! Drew took home the Best Actress in a Made for TV Movie award for her stunning portrayal of Little Edie in last year’s Grey Gardens. We couldn’t be more proud of her – what an awesome time to be a Drewbie!

On a more serious note, Drew is urging people to make donations in order to help Haiti. You can text “FRIENDS” to 90999 in order to donate $5 through the World Food Programme. We’ve already made our donations, how about you?

3 Comments on “Golden Girl”

  1. i’m just so incredibly proud of her, she just plain deserved it
    finally this great woman gets recognized for her amazing talent
    i love her so much and she looked absolutely stunning, and her speech was hilarious, she was so nervous, but she made it through!! i’m proud and honored to be a fan of her. she’s a true survivor who makes it worth to admire her.

  2. This is a wonderful tribute to a fantastic win for a very deserving role!
    Hooray for Drew and for her fans too!

  3. Yes!!! Congratulations to Drew on her first Golden Globe Award! She worked soo hard on Little Eddie! She completely derved it! WAY TO GO DREW!!!!

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