Easy Peasy Japanesey

We’re going to try to start rolling out the updates again, and what better way to kick things off than with a new batch of amazing Japanese Drew Barrymore movie paraphernalia? We finally got our hands on the elusive & incredible Japanese program for Mad Love with some rarely seen photos inside! We’ve selected just a few of the many pages to scan & share with you all. There’s also a neat fold out flyer for Scream, and the chirashi for He’s Just Not That Into You!

6 Comments on “Easy Peasy Japanesey”

  1. Wow! Great new items! Love that Scream ad.

  2. Oh mannnnn, Japanese stuff is the best! They always seem to whip out the ultra rare colourful glossy items!

  3. PS, it always annoyed me that they never put Matt on any of the Scream promo stuff, but then again Jamie Kennedy doesn’t appear much either I suppose. Are those Japanese pages with Matt, Rose, Drew et all the only items you’ve seen with Matt included with them for Scream promotion?

  4. Totally in agreement Katie! I don’t think I have any promo pics (except the ones mentioned) with Matt. But I guess that’s what happens when you have such a large cast :(
    I seriously never will understand why Jamie Kennedy appears after everyone else in the end credits though, and didn’t have his name on the posters. Confusing!

  5. Very cool update! That Mad Love program is to die for & the Scream ad is very cool :)

  6. hey i just happened upon a celebrity playlist podcast by Drew & Ellen page on iTunes that was posted on 10/14/2009

    its a little over 30 min long… can be found on iTunes… didnt know if y’all had caught that ;)

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