She Blinded Me With Science Fiction

We’ve been featuring a lot of brand new pieces of Drew Barrymore memorabilia lately, so we thought we’d jump in our time machines & give you some photo flashbacks of her earlier leading lady roles in the sci-fi/horror genre. We’ve added 3 new 8×10 press photos – 2 are harder to find pictures from Doppelganger, and the 3rd is the latest in our slew of Firestarter shots (a big thanks to Judy for gifting us that one!).

2 Comments on “She Blinded Me With Science Fiction”

  1. Those pictures are great. Yeah to Judy! :)
    The Firestarter pictures are soooo cute.

  2. Great additions!
    Congrats on tracking down the Doppelganger stills!! :)

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