We’ve added all sorts of ads featuring Drew Barrymore today! Check out a couple promoting tv specials on Drew, two new Covergirl ads pulled from last Sunday’s newspaper coupons, and a full page for Whip It (which you can find in October’s issue of Seveteen magazine).

4 Comments on “Ad-ditives”

  1. Awesome score with those CG ads!! I’ll have to get that Whip It ad, thx for the info! :)

  2. oooh all this new additions are soo cool. I love seeing all the new funky memorabilia they’ve brought out for Whip It!

  3. Did you see the little picture of Drew in the Walgreens ad this weekend? Not sure if you get that?

  4. Misti – you must’ve sent me good luck with your comment! My hubby brought in the mail & I decided to skim through the coupons/junk which I NEVER do & the Walgreens ad was in there! It’s gorgeous! I’ll scan it soon for the site.

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