Party Like It’s 2009

We’ve added the photos from 4 Drew Barrymore magazine cover features spanning this year, up through October’s Marie Claire! We’ve yet to get our grubby little paws on some of the really exciting mags currently out there (like Vs, Time Out New York, and Now) but look for scans from them soon!

9 Comments on “Party Like It’s 2009”

  1. Love the photos. Is Marie Claire out in newstands now?

  2. Aaron,

    Yep, it’s been out for about a week!

  3. Awesome! I love the Star Week issue, must keep my eyes open for that… Just noticed that I didn’t see Vogue, April ’09 in your gallery yet, but I’m sure it’s on the way :)

  4. Kent,

    Was the Vogue just a 1 or 2 page article on Grey Gardens? I never got that one, but I’m sure it’ll make its way to me at some point!

  5. Yes, that’s the one! :)
    I just noticed that Drew’s photo from Entertainment Weekly & the cover of Now magazine are both from the same photoshoot :)

  6. Kent, yeah they’re both originally from the LA Weekly shoot! In fact EW used the same pic that was in LAW, just less cropped. I hope more from it show it, she looks so cute.

  7. Oh yes, that’s right! I never noticed that… I don’t have LA Weekly yet, but hopefully soon!! ;)

  8. wowee, what an amazing update. i love the marie claire shoot, her and ellen are gorgeous and so talented, sigh.

  9. I went to my book stores and they still have the September isue. Argh! I’m going to melt away! lol

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