Drewlicious Donations

Thanks to dear friend (and constant source of Drew Barrymore goodies) Katie, we’ve got a slew of new Drew to share with you! Check out two different versions of the He’s Just Not That Into You book, some Bad Girls UK press materials, and our favorite new addition: a 1983 Japanese calendar card featuring a unique shot of Drew from a familiar photo shoot.

We were also recently gifted a Whip It promotional headband picked up by the lovely Meli at Comic Con 2009! Thanks again ladies for the wonderful contributions!

5 Comments on “Drewlicious Donations”

  1. YAY! Anytime, my love!

  2. Great additions! Congrats!! :)

  3. I forgot I even included that Japanese calendar card, haha! I was hesistant about sending it as I just assumed that it would be an oft-repeated photo, glad that it was something unique for you!

  4. Oh wow Katie, no way! I’d never even seen that particular photo before, sooo exciting! I keep staring at it :)

    FYI, I left the whole sheet intact, just didn’t bother scanning all the other non-Drew peeps.

  5. I did the same with the one I’ve kept for the Matt Dillon pic. I still have two other pages, I wonder if I can find some takers for them, maybe a Harrison Ford collector, I shall have to see if there’s any interest. As one of my ebay sellers wrote to me this afternoon, there’s collectors for everything in the world!

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