Charlie’s an Angel

We’re very excited about our most recently acquired 8×10 press photos – another batch for Firestarter! This group contains some rare & special photos of little Drew Barrymore as Charlie, as well as some adorable on set pictures as well!

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  1. I want to see this film sometime. Drew looks so adorable in these on set photos, I love the one of her sitting on the lady’s lap looking through a book/script. What a great find and addition to your collection! If there’s a credited photographer, maybe you can see if they have any other photos from their time onset?

  2. So this is where they ended up! Haha! I managed to get the other Firestarter press photo that was listed with these – the one with Drew, Heather Locklear & David Keith (although I’m still waiting on it’s arrival). These are awesome – congrats!!! :)

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