Save the Date for 1998

We finally got around to scanning the beginnings of our 1998 magazine archive! There are so many classic must-have features on Drew Barrymore from that year, including Detour, Teen People, and Movieline. We’ve barely dipped our toes into the ’98 pond, so you can expect many more to come. While we were at it, we also put up some 1997 magazines that were missed the first time around!

4 Comments on “Save the Date for 1998”

  1. Great update! Loving the Italian Vogue – August ’98 =)

  2. Wow, the Detour photoshoot is so striking! Is the location in England or America, do you know?
    I love Drew’s laugh, it comes through so joyfully in photographs! Wonderful additions to the Drewseum!

  3. Katie – if memory serves, it was shot in France, I think during filming for Ever After!

  4. Oh wonderful, I love France. It looked so striking, I thought it was somewhere a bit different :) Ooh, your long awaited package will be off to you this week! It’s got some goodies I’m excited for you to get :)

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