Turning Japanese

Some great Japanese Drew items have just been imported to The Drewseum! Both were published in 1982, the year Drew Barrymore became a star around the globe thanks to E.T. The first is a rare magazine from that year – unfortunately we won’t know the title of this publication unless someone can provide us with a translation! The second is a wonderful calendar from Roadshow Magazine that we’ve been trying to get our mitts on for years! Drew is the star pictured for January 1983.

2 Comments on “Turning Japanese”

  1. Cool items. There’s a few pictures of Drew in this update that I hadn’t seen before. ;)

  2. Wow, Japanese items are totally the best! They do love their candid photos and unusual photoshoots. Fantastic to see a long awaited/wanted addition to the Drewseum with that calendar page, Drew looks adorable with those little mocassins! I was at the airport today and saw the new (US, not Norwegian, heh) Elle with Drew’s water photoshoot, STUNNING. I did get you a little something though so I’ll send it along sometime!

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