Seashell Eyes, Windy Smile


Splashing onto your computer screens, it’s a new layout here at The Drewseum! We were so inspired by Drew’s beautiful underwater photoshoot from this month’s issue of Elle Magazine, we decided to theme the entire site around a Barrymore mermaid! We hope you enjoy this bubbly new look.

We also gave our About Us page an update & makeover, so make sure to swim on over there and check it out.

4 Comments on “Seashell Eyes, Windy Smile”

  1. Oh wow! Loving this new layout! Very nice!!! ;)

  2. wowee, this whole page is just a splash of unbridled creativity and joy! I love it, and the little scales background too, the shells and ahh, such lovely colouring too.
    Such a joy to see all the designs you two come up with and the About Us page is wonderful, so sweet to see you two in photos through the years.

  3. lovely layout!! it’s so perfect! i know you used the song “julia” as the title, but did you guys get to see when drew sang that lyric briefly on rosie in 99′? it was so sweet! i think she mentioned how she sang it to a girl one time and the girl gave her a dirty look! haha.

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