Tippity Tops


We’ve done some spring cleaning around the site! You might’ve noticed all the pages have new title images, and we also gave our movie memorabilia page a major & much needed facelift.

While we were at it, we decided to also draw back the curtain on a new About Drew section we whipped up. We’re going to be putting together our personal Top 5 Lists of all things Drew Barrymore-related! The first two to be revealed are our favorites of her premiere looks and of her on-screen loves. Let us know in the comments which of your favorites we missed, and any future lists you’d like to see!

4 Comments on “Tippity Tops”

  1. Wahoo, I love lists! I’ve sent in a few ideas but I’m running a bit blank at the moment.
    I love the new layout for the movie memorabilia page! I am so pysched to try and get wordpress working on my site as I really want to get all my new goodies uploaded on it!

  2. Pfff, forgot to comment that Drew looked utterly beautiful at the Grey Gardens premiere! Really stunning.

  3. ah its crazy to me that yahoo had her grey gardens premiere as a worst dressed! totally is #1 BEST if you ask me :) and the little 555 graphic totally moves when you read the paragraph below it… hehe

  4. The movie memorabilia section looks great! Great top 5 lists!

    Here’s some ideas:

    – Top 5 movies or movie roles
    – Top 5 friends/aquaintances
    – Top 5 hairstyles
    – Top 5 boyfriends
    – Top 5 accomplishments

    Cheers! :)

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