Scream Queen

We’ve added a slew of Scream items featuring Miss Drew Barrymore to the site! Check out killer new press kits, photos, slides, and a unique French foldout ad!

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  1. *scream of joy* omg, what a surprise, I didn’t expect to see such a doozy of an update for a favourite film!
    Ooooh slides and press kits, such amazing items, I shall go and check them out right now!

  2. OH MY GOD, ALL THOSE SLIIIIIIDES! It’s a scream of a dream! Any Matt ones? :-D

  3. I knew you’d dig this update Katie! You can imagine how over the moon I was to find this stuff. One seller had it all & gave me a nice deal with some other Drew stuff thrown in as well (those Cat’s Eye photos I put up recently).

    There are plenty of Matt slides! No pictures we haven’t seen before, but they’re still fun to have. I’ll make up a list of them for you when I get home today!

  4. That is a totally great deal, I love press kits and all the assorted things that come with them. Fantastic to deal with a seller like that. I wonder if there are on the set photos of Matt, Drew and other members of the cast SOMEWHERE just dying to be released into the public eye. There must be some! Like that David and Courtney polaroids I saw. Maybe one day we’ll find some more fun goodies that you can add to the best Scream collection I’ve ever seen!

  5. I honestly have numerous fantasies about coming across photos like that for Scream! No joke. I know they must exist because of the David & Courteney ones.

    I was looking at a catalog for an upcoming Hollywood memorabilia auction and there’s a lot of 70 polaroids from filming of Benny & Joon. It was like exactly what I hope to someday find for Scream! So cool.

  6. Wow, these gems must have brightened your day! How awesome that they are for one of your favorite Drew flix.

    Now there’s something to SCREAM over – hehe!

    Congrats!!! :)

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