How Does Your Garden Grow?

Are you guys as thrilled as we are for tomorrow night’s premiere of Grey Gardens? In honor of this exciting new Drew Barrymore film, we’ve opened up a page for memorabilia relating to the movie. So far there are just some ads, but don’t miss the fun 3 pages that Us Weekly ran last week for subscribers.

4 Comments on “How Does Your Garden Grow?”

  1. Yes! I can not absolutely wait! I’m so excited. I have watched all the HBO inside the movie for Grey Garden’s tonight just to get ready for it. I’m surprised they do not have the original 1976 documentry on HBO documentries though. I really wanted to see that first but will see Drew’s version tomorrow.

    Is that US Weekly a cover with Drew?

  2. It’s great to see the US subscriber cover! I had been aware of it but I haven’t managed to get a copy of it. Very excited for Grey Gardens tonight! ;)

  3. I just watched “Grey Gardens” and it blew me away…I was a huge fan of the documentary and so afraid the movie version would’nt do justice to these special characters…My fears were unfounded…The performances in this film are the BEST Ive seen in years…Thank you to everyone who respected this material enough to do their best…Drew I cant say enough about your performance…I FORGOT it was you!!!…I kept having to remind myself it was’nt Edith Beale (jr.) Kid…you did good!!! No,you did GREAT!!! We love and RESPECT you…A fan in Florida…Larry Smith

  4. Drew Barry has been my favorite actress my whole life, and after seeing Grey Gardens tonight, i truly see why. She is stunning! And Jessica Lang is remarkable! They moved me to tears more than once. This film is extraordinarily spectacular and these actresses deserve Oscar gold!!! A true artistic smash indeed! Women today in hollywood have a lot to live up to, after these two women have done what they’ve done. Everyone should see this film! It has made me appreciate my life more. Congrats from your biggest fan in Denver!

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