1995’s Wild Child

We’ve finally gotten the remainder of our Drew Barrymore magazine features from 1995 up for you to check out! There are a lot of great classics that got left out the first time around, like Movieline and The Face. Enjoy all of the photos of Drew at her most free spirited!

4 Comments on “1995’s Wild Child”

  1. Can’t help but get high on Drew in 1995!
    Great pix!! Especially luv the pix from the dutch magazines ;)

  2. aw wow, some great additions! I love how free spirited she is in ’95 and the magazines seem to capture that with her nakedness apparent in photos, hehe, it just made me giggle to see how many had “contain nudity” under the headers.

  3. I like how you 2 switched it up for Drew’s birthday ;)

  4. Ahhh, sprinkles! I did wonder why it didn’t have sprinkles on in the first place, hehe. I love the pile of presents on the table, so cute!

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