We All Scream for Ice Cream

ice cream

We finally pulled down all the Christmas decorations at The Drewseum & set up shop in a pretty-as-can-be ice cream parlor! As you can see, Drew herself has already stopped by for a few scoops ;)

You may also notice that there’s a new section of our site that will be coming soon – we’re working on some pages about Drew that we will hopefully have up in the near future!

3 Comments on “We All Scream for Ice Cream”

  1. Love the new layout!! ;-)

  2. le sigh. :) i love this place.
    ice cream dream
    can’t wait to read
    your ABOUT DREW

  3. SQUEAL! Your totally awesome brains bring the amazing goodness! My brain couldn’t take it all in, so sweet I might get a toothache and so cool I’ll get a brain freeze!

    Brilliant work you two, looking forward to your new sections. You put so much work in the site, I love the dedication and passion from A&A!

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