Slide Slide Slippity Slide

The Drewseum’s photo gallery has a new expanding section. We’ve been acquiring some wonderful rare slides which are now up for you to view! Enjoy candids from the 80s & 90s, as well as press slides for Poison Ivy and The Amy Fisher Story. Happy New Year, drewbies!

2 Comments on “Slide Slide Slippity Slide”

  1. Oh wow, awesome additions!!!

  2. YESSSSSSSS, I love slides. They’re great additions to collections, especially for rare photos! My own little mini collection is the grail of my collection. I want to get more! You have some brilliant candid stuff, love the brightness of the slides. Is Drew’s hair naturally curly? Love all the 80s fashion and Corey Feldman’s hat, hee, must have been going through his Micheal Jackson phase!

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