Booking It

It’s been awhile since we checked any new books into The Drewseum’s library, but we’re happy to finally have some new additions to share with you! All three feature photos of a very young Drew. The first is a rare book of portraits by photographer Alice Springs. There’s also People Magazine’s Child Stars Then & Now, which was released last year, and a loose page about E.T. from an unidentified source.

4 Comments on “Booking It”

  1. Kent, I know, isn’t it neat?! I’d never seen anything like it, so I had to snatch the book up when I came across it.

  2. Love the Alice Springs portrait of Drew & Jaid! ;)

  3. wow, super cool & rare pic of d & jaid … wonderful find, ash! :)

  4. wow, the first portrait is so striking! I LOVE photography books the most! Are there any other interesting portraits of famous people in?
    Ahh, for the life of me, I can’t remember the book title with the et page in it, I think it was just a book about Hollywood directors.

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