Photo Finish

Ok ok, we know there’s been a sorry lack of updates around here & we really apologize for that! Our collections seem to grow in waves, but the tide has come in and we’ll be adding a bunch of stuff over the rest of the month! We’re kicking things off with a nice batch of Never Been Kissed 8×10 pictures that came from the press kit for the film. Since we’re adding new photos, we also would like to share our latest & greatest rarity – a candid 4×6 of Drew hanging out (or possibly working?) at an LA restaurant owned by Mickey & Joey Rourke in the late 80s!

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  1. Awww, Mickey and Joeys! I have articles about Mickey and his bar/diner, let me know if you want to see photos of the interior/exterior, it wasn’t very big, heh. So cool to see Drew there! They were really easygoing, often giving free meals/drinks to people who didn’t have enough money to cover the cost so no wonder they didn’t last long! What an unusual item! Do you mind if I point this out to Mickey’s official website?
    Hooray for press kit items, they’re some of the best items!

  2. Katie, I was hoping you’d see this! Knew you’d find it interesting :) I’m pretty sure Drew was actually working there. I found some other pictures of the restaurant & she’s standing behind the cash register here. Pretty crazy! Feel free to pass this along to the other site – I think it’s the same one where I saw the other pics as they had a link to your site up :)

  3. Oh, yes I sent the scans to the site as well, (the uniquely rourke one?) I’d just emailed you a link to the lj comm where I originally posted them as I think the scans were a bit bigger there :) It’s so cool to see how people can be connected, like you wouldn’t think at all of certain actors knowing each other but it’s nice when photos like these appear! Such a great item for your site!

  4. Great update! I noticed that photo on ebay, glad it ended up here :-)

  5. that picture is so freaking cool!!

  6. Mickey talks a bit about Mickey and Joeys, it does seem like somewhere that Drew would love to help out at.
    Rourke: I had a candy store. It was in an alleyway. We sold candy. Our clientele were the Hells Angels and Bob Dylan with his hood on. Nobody knew who Bob was. He was real quiet. Then the Hells Angels would come in. Then the beautiful models. Christy Turlington. It was one hell of a candy store. I had a private office in the back. It was ’50s-style. We had a humidifier and blue smoke came out of the pipes. We would all get on the motorcycles at night. I wanted a place to hang out with people that I wanted to hang out with. It was a boys and girls club.

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