We’ve got a slew of new items relating to Drew’s many modeling campaigns! We’re most excited about getting one of the most elusive Missoni ads, which we were finally able to track down thanks to the amazing Desiree! We’ve also put up a new Lancome ad gifted to us by our friend Kent. There are a few new Covergirl items as well, so don’t miss those! And since we’re adding ads, we threw in a Vanity Fair one featuring a tiny D.

4 Comments on “Ad-diction”

  1. awww, love the new Halloweenie vibe! what a SWEET Drew-kitty :)
    also… i always wish i’d been working for Lancome when Drew was endorsing for them… i’d have stacked up some goods for yall!
    :) x0

  2. Ahhh, Drew’s kitty ears and tail! ADORABLE! Just purrrr-fect!

  3. was your new kitty inspiration for the new drew? ;) :) sooo cute.

  4. I agree, love the Halloween update ;)

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