As it would be impossible to archive all of our thousands of Drew Barrymore clippings, we’ve instead decided to put up themed groups. First, take a peek into our scrapbooks for examples of how we display our many clippings:

Now onto the themes!

Want to suggest a theme? Submit your ideas below!

4 Comments on “Clippings”

  1. how about Drew and the written word like a theme of Drew reading? Carrying books, magazines or scripts? Sorry if this one is too vague!

  2. Drew and Nancy, or any Flower Films type clippings would be great.

  3. Drew and ex boyfriends!

  4. How about Drew and food, like carrying food or her ice teas, or those horrible pap photos where they take photos of people eating at restaurants, haha. I’m sure there must be some clippings like those :)

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