Drew News: Santa Clarita Diet – Berlin

Last week’s final overseas Santa Clarita Diet promotional stop consisted of 2 days in Berlin, Germany.

Drew and Timothy started off by visiting the offices of German tabloid Bild last Friday.

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Be sure to head over to Bild’s website to see some video footage!

Drew also did an interview with Gala, which shed some interesting insight on her split with Will:

Why did your third marriage fail?
I’m not looking for excuses, but surely my messy childhood and youth has to do with it. Unfortunately, I had no childhood in which someone would have shown me how to lead a relationship correctly. Therefore, I always make painful mistakes. For me it is clear today that there is not the perfect way to lead a relationship.

Have you given up hope of great love?
No, not at all. I dream of a happy ending, and I firmly believe in love. To this feeling, not to be alone. True love is evolving over the years. It needs patience and care and must be unconditional. I know that one day I will fall in love again – this is a very calming thought.

Timothy and Drew also appeared on a morning talk show. You can watch that here but unfortunately it is overdubbed in German!

Later that night, they attended a red carpet premiere for the show!

Visit Drew Barrymore Brasil’s gallery for more fantastic photos.

Friends of The Drewseum Vakho and Temuri were lucky enough to snap an adorable photo with our girl. Congrats, guys!

The team wrapped up their visit the following day with a press junket.

Next up… The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tomorrow night!

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